Camp to Belong

In addition to traditional camp activities (horseback riding, beach parties, carnival, banana boats, ropes course, culinary arts, etc.), a trademark of CTB is the inclusion of family repair programming including belated birthday parties, sibling pillow making, and family scrapbooking. Siblings have reported that this is the best week of their year, and evaluations conducted show that the time spent together has positive effects in terms of both their relationships with one another and their general emotional well being.

Staffing: In addition to camp activities staff, CTB brings up to 75 trained volunteers, many of whom are social workers, clinicians, and nurses to support the children throughout the week.

Dates: August 12-17, 2019

Location: Camp Matoaka, Smithfield, ME

Enrollment opens: April 1, 2019

Enrollment closes: July 15, 2019

Transportation: Sibling Connections charters buses with pick up points across the state. Last year, the locations were Chicopee, Middleborough, Reading, and Lowell. Foster families or DCF social workers are responsible for the transportation to and from the bus points.

Cost: to be updated Jan 1, 2019


Camp To Belongs’ Impact* (2017)

97% of campers reported creating special memories with their siblings at camp.
98% reported getting to spend quality time with their siblings
85% felt CTB made their relationship with their sibling stronger
92% felt CTB made them more hopeful about the future
98% think CTB should be made available to more youth.

Did you know:

One week at camp provides more sibling time together then a full years’ worth of state mandated visits.

Often times youth living in foster care have very few photos of their childhood.  At Camp To Belong each child creates a scrapbook filled with photos of them and their siblings taken throughout the week to keep as a take home memory of their time together.

One night during the week of camp, we host a camp wide birthday party where each sibling group exchanges presents and has has cake and ice cream to celebrate the birthdays that they may have missed during the year.

Many children in foster care feel a great sense of isolation and have reduced self-esteem. Camp To Belong works to create normalcy for the kids throughout the week by providing them with a place where they are surrounded by others who face similar experiences and understand them.

It costs roughly $1,000 per camper that attends Camp To Belong. These costs are never charged to the campers; we work hard to raise this money each year so cost does not prohibit attendance.

Activities Include:
Camp-Wide Birthday Party
Horseback riding
Beach Party/Pool Party
Fitness Fun
Sibling Talent Show
Banana Boat/Swimming
Creative Art Projects such as the “Sibling Pillow Project”
Campfire Nights