Sibling Sundays

There are 800,000 children who experience foster care in America. 12,000 live in Massachusetts. Children in foster care have been separated from everything familiar: their homes, their parents, and their neighborhoods. More than half have also been separated from their sisters and brothers.

In September 2005, Sibling Sundays was launched to provide siblings with year-round opportunities to strengthen their sibling connection. This October we began our sixth year of programming.

On a beautiful fall day, kids and counselors met at the Treehouse community. They played cooperative games, participated in animal therapy, made Sibling Scarves, and had lunch together before heading over to McCray’s Farm to pick pumpkins and sample homemade ice cream.

Sibling Sundays offer sisters and brothers, who don’t live together, regularly scheduled opportunities to connect in a safe environment. Kids learn that the sibling relationship is a viable family bond. The program reduces potential isolation associated with being in foster care. It provides examples of positive life coping strategies essential to dealing with the difficulties of family separation and severed family relationships.

Program Dates

October 15th – Sibling Sunday West
October 22nd – Sibling Sunday Boston

November 5th – Sibling Sunday Lowell

December 3rd – Sibling Sunday Lowell and Boston – Holiday Party
December 10th – Sibling Sunday West – Holiday Party

January 7th – Sibling Sunday Lowell
January 21st – Sibling Sunday Boston

February 4th – Sibling Sunday West

March 11th – Sibling Sunday Lowell
March 18th – Sibling Sunday Boston

April 15th – Sibling Sunday West
April 22nd – Sibling Sunday Boston

May 6th – Sibling Sunday Lowell
May 20th – Sibling Sunday West

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