Sibling Sundays

Sibling Sundays offer sisters and brothers who don’t live together regularly scheduled opportunities to connect in a safe environment. Kids learn that the sibling relationship is a viable family bond. The program reduces potential isolation associated with being in foster care. It provides examples of positive life coping strategies essential to dealing with the difficulties of family separation and severed family relationships.

Groups of 20-35 siblings and 10-15 volunteers enjoy a wide range of activities including: LegoLand, apple picking, roller skating laser tag, yoga, dancing, rock climbing, challenge courses and more.

Dates for the Spring 2019 Sibling Sundays Schedule

January 13th

February 3rd

March 31st

April 28th

May 19th

January 27th
March 24th
April & May TBD

January 27th

February 17th

March 10th

April 7th

May 5th