Sibling Sundays

Sibling Sundays offer sisters and brothers who don’t live together regularly scheduled opportunities to connect in a safe environment. Kids learn that the sibling relationship is a viable family bond. The program reduces potential isolation associated with being in foster care. It provides examples of positive life coping strategies essential to dealing with the difficulties of family separation and severed family relationships.

Given COVID-19 safety procedures for the 2020-2021 season beginning in September 2020, we are offering Sibling Sundays via Zoom for families who reside anywhere in Massachusetts. We have created interactive online programming for siblings including escape rooms, treasure hunts, “visits” to museums and other organizations including a chocolate factory and more. In November we are “going” to the New England Aquarium for a personalized tour and we are having a holiday party in December!

Registration procedures:

  • If your sibling group is currently in DCF foster care, we require the DCF social worker to complete the registration form.
  • If your sibling group is not in DCF foster care, adoptive parents and legal guardians may complete the registration form.

The registration will ask for contact information for social workers, caregivers, as well as information about the siblings and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

For new sibling groups, we will complete an in-take interview to ensure that the program is a fit for the sibling group before approving the registration. If you have questions about the registration process or programs in general, please contact Andie Fisher, Program Manager, at or 617-501-1229.

Register HERE