Youth Leadership Program


Our YLP Program, embedded into our week of Camp, is designed for older campers who are seeking to develop leadership skills and to become future camp counselors. YLP participants spend the first half of Camp in training, and the second half supporting Camp Counselors as Peer Leaders.

The objectives of YLP are for participants to be to describe leadership styles and which style they identify with, demonstrate the ability to give and receive constructive feedback, describe peer leader role and expectations, communicate well with campers, family group counselors and other staff, relate the concepts of self-care, leadership, communication and trust, develop self-reflection and self-insight skills, and to describe what it means to be an ally in the foster care system.

Target population: Previous campers as well as new applicants, ages: 17-20

Camp dates: August 17-22, 2021

Registration opens: TBD check back in April

Registration closes: August 1, 2021

Pre-registration link: Sibling Connections’ Camp MA