Whether it’s only one Sunday per year or a week at summer camp, you will make a difference in a child’s life, and nothing is more rewarding!

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Sibling Connections volunteer. The first step in the process is to contact Leslie at leslie@siblingconnections.org for a brief conversation to learn more about the role of a volunteer within our programs. If the conversation confirms that Sibling Connections is a fit, you will then be asked to fill out an online application, which includes permission for Sibling Connections to run a CORI/SORI background check. We will also ask for three personal or professional references. Volunteers must be 21 or older.

Our Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Sibling Socials (Boston, Lowell, Springfield): Spend one Saturday or Sunday a month bringing siblings together for an activity in the community and lunch. You will transport and chaperone a sibling group to a fun event set up by Sibling Connections. Up to 30 siblings and 7-10 volunteers will enjoy ice skating, apple picking, alpine skiing and everything in between as a group!
  • Weekend Retreats: Throughout the year we hold weekend retreats at winterized camps throughout MA. We bring 30-40 siblings (15-20 sibling groups) together to enjoy a typical weekend of meals and fun. Volunteers are there to spend quality time with the kids and help set up and run activities.
  • Camp Sibling Connections: One week each August we host up to 120 siblings (50+ sibling groups) and 75 volunteers for a wonderful week of camp in Maine!