For Social Workers


Sibling Connections’ mission is to provide as many separated sibling groups as possible the opportunity to spend quality time together.

Our volunteers receive trauma informed training on positive youth development and behavior management, we are not a therapeutic program and are not able to provide 1:1 supervision. We typically maintain a 1:3 volunteer to participant ratio.

For this reason, the registration form will ask questions about past and current behavioral issues. We look at every case individually and schedule discussions with each social worker to get to know the youth and to discuss effective behavior management strategies. Behavior areas of highest concern include a history of self-harm or harm to others, fire starting, and running.

We also meet with each foster family and youth individually to orient them to our programs, get them excited about participation, and set expectations regarding attendance and behavior during the outings.


Sibling Socials: No cost for participants. When we are able, we will help provide transportation from convenient and centralized locations.

Weekend Retreats: $175 per participant. When we are able, we will help provide transportation from convenient and centralized locations.

Camp Sibling Connections: $587 per participant. This is a negotiated DCF rate. We provide bus transportation from five locations: Dorchester, Lowell, Middleboro, Shrewsbury, and Chicopee.


If after reviewing the eligibility requirements you are ready to register a participant, please refer to our process below.

Step One: Legal Guardian will complete the Participant Registration.

Step Two: After the sibling group applications are all complete, our team will review and set up a brief phone call for any follow-up information and provide final approval of the registration for the sibling group.

Step Three: Our team will conduct in-person intake visits (30-45 minutes) with each youth accepted into our program. We will cover rules and expectations, share pictures of programming events, and answer any questions the child or family have. Most intake visits will occur online through Zoom.