More Information for Social Workers

2019 Camp to Belong (CTB-MA) Registration Procedures

We are excited to be offering our 15th year of CTB-MA  August 11-16, 2019, at scenic Camp Matoaka in Smithfield, ME! To Register sibling groups for CTB-MA:

. Communicate with your office Camp Coordinator if you would like to enroll sibling groups in CTB-MA. Once approved, the Camp Coordinator will provide you with a pre-registration link to get the process started.

2. In-take Process: Once the pre-registration forms are received, the CTB program manager will coordinate the next steps including an initial phone call with the referring social worker, calls with the foster families/group homes, and a link to the full online application that will  request full background, medical histories, proof of vaccinations, etc. A Sibling Connections staff person will also conduct in person visits with every camper and their caregiver prior to camp to provide an orientation about what to expect, answer questions, and help the camper feel comfortable and excited about going to CTB-MA.

3. Cancellations/deadlines:  Once a registration is complete, the camper is confirmed. There is a 30 day cancellation policy in effect so any cancellation after July 11 will be subject to the full camp fee. Email is the preferred method to provide notice of cancellation.  However, we will accept substitute sibling groups that qualify.

4. Invoices/Service delivery reports: For those accessing DCF recreation funds for CTB-MA, we will provide service delivery report (SDR) and payment voucher (PV) forms at the conclusion of camp in order to initiate payment. For those utilizing outside sources (Wonderfund, etc.) we will initiate invoices upon request.

To Make A Referral To Sibling Sundays & Weekend Retreats

Step One: Complete our online referral form

Step Two: Our Program Manager will contact you after reviewing the sibling groups’ eligibility, and set up a brief follow-up phone call.

Step Three: For our tuition-based programs, the referring worker will obtain consent to continue the registration process from their Area Manager or Business Manager.

Step Four: For our overnight programs, the referring worker will complete an Online Application for each of their youth. This link will be provided upon the youth’s acceptance into our program.

Step Five: Our Program Manager will conduct intake visits (45 mins-1 hour) with each child who we accept into our program. We will cover rules and expectations, show pictures of past events, and answer any questions the child or family have.